“The three donations that are pillars to helping Second Harvest execute our mission to solve hunger issues in our community are food, time and money. The time these individuals donate in serving on our board of directors is critical to the continued fight against hunger in Middle Tennessee, and we are thrilled to have such a prestige list of local leaders joining in our mission.” – Jaynee Day, Second Harvest President and CEO


Johnathan Flack



Jonathan Flack, Board Chair

Lucia Folk



Lucia Folk, Board Vice Chair

Gabriela Lira



Gabriela Lira, Board Secretary

Shawn Williams



Shawn Williams, Board Treasurer


Greg Allen
Drew Berg
Scott Bowers
Brian Bowman
David Bradley
Suzanne Buchanan
John Bumpus
Jim Burton
Lee Cunningham
Melissa Eads
Troy Edwards
Bruce Esworthy
Andy Flatt
Dave Fulmer
Lisa Gardi
Dennis Georgatos
David Johnson
Amy Johnston-Little
Lyn Plantinga
Sharon Reynolds
Tony Rose
Derek Schraw
Laquita Stribling
Ken Watkins

Sylvia Roberts

Jaynee K. Day


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